Did you change languages on me?

Aussie Lingo Test

Here’s a story I didn’t inlcude in my new book Yanks in the Outback: A story of Woomera, South Australia, the Joint Defense Facility Nurrungar (JDFN) and the First Gulf War.

Should I update the book to include this entry?  Let me know …


I learned a new Australian phrase today.

My lesson came when I visited the satellite operations center (SOC) and started talking to Australian Army Captain Ian Stamford.

“Ian, I talked to the DO (Director of Operations) and he wants me to get a basketball team together.  It’s going to be the under 30’s vs the over 30s.” I was about to ask Ian to be on the team because we need his height; he’d make a great re-bounder.

But, before I could go any further, he cut me off with two very strange words,

Fair Dinkum

I was stopped. I felt like a small bird hitting a big tree at 100 miles per hour.  I went splat.

I reached deep into the far corners of my mind to see if I could pull up any information on what I just heard him say.  “Did he say ‘fair dinkum?’  Let’s see, I know what “fair” means but what about this “dinkum” thing?   Where does that come in?  Where have I heard that before?  How do I piece together a meaning when I’ve never heard this before – ever?”

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Why is JP Morgan so concerned about your financial future?

The Wall StreetIs JP Morgan concerned about your financial future?

They must be.  After all, they put out an article with the headline, “Every 25 Year-Old American Should See This Chart.”  The article goes on to sell you on how compound interest works and the earlier you invest, the more money you’ll have in retirement.  Bottom line, if you start investing when you’re 25, you’re way better off than if you start anytime later.

So, there you have it.   JP Morgan is looking out for you.  They want you to succeed financially.  They want you to have a happy and bountiful retirement.  They’re looking out for you.

But, I go back to my original question – Why is JP Morgan so concerned about your financial future?

Why do they care?

Well, the answer is not very nice.  It’s not very comforting.  Let’s face it, the truth can sometimes hurt.  And, the truth is this …

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What’s Wrong with JOB Mentality?

3Rensho Super Record Export

JOB mentality is not suited for wealth just like a bike is not suited for river crossings …

There’s nothing wrong with having a JOB mentality.  Just like there’s nothing wrong with riding a 10 speed bike.  Both are ok; both are fine.

But, there can be serious problems if you try to use a JOB mentality to achieve financial success.  This is no different than the serious problems you’ll encounter if you try to use a 10 speed bike to cross a river.  In both cases, the “mechanism” isn’t designed for the task at hand.

If you want to cross a river, I’d suggest you use canoe, a boat, a raft … but not a 10 speed bike.  And, if you want to achieve financial success, I’d suggest you ditch the JOB mentality; start developing a wealth mentality.

I’m convinced JOB mentality is the number one reason why most people never achieve financial success.  You see – in my opinion – JOB mentality is spend mentality.  Therefore, for a person looking at the world from a JOB mentality perspective; the money coming in equals the money going out.  Or, more likely, the money going out is much greater than the money coming in.  And, this JOB mentality “equation” is independent of income.  In other words, the income could be $500, $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000 per week but the result would be the same … broke.

Did I ever have JOB mentality?  Yup.  I still have some of this thinking stored in the back corners of my mind even though I voluntarily left the JOB world way back in July 2009.  Old ingrained thinking habits and patterns – even destructive ones; ones that hold you back – die slowly …

Here’s an excerpt from my book, Working my “BUT” off!: Reflections of a property investor where I discuss JOB (Just Over Broke) mentality.

JOB Mentality

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What’s the Finke Desert Race Like?

How do you describe the Finke Desert Race experience? Not easy.

I tell people it’s like “Mad Max of Thunderdome” come to life. But, that description seems to fall short. Then I just throw my hands up and declare, “You just gotta go and experience it for yourself.”

Well, during this past Finke Desert Race on 6,7,8 June 2015, I took some videos so I could show you what it’s like; give you a glimpse of the Finke experience. So, sit back and enjoy … this video is my best “shot” at answering the question, “What’s the Finke Desert Race like?

Free Vegemite Sandwiches … Yippee!

Vegemite on Ice

Better not run out of vegemite …

In my new book, Yanks in the Outback: A story of Woomera, South Australia, the Joint Defense Facility Nurrungar (JDFN) and the First Gulf War, I write about a very important subject – Vegemite.  It seemed one of the biggest perks about working at the Woomera tracking station was the free vegemite sandwiches!  You see, the cafeteria tables were lined with tins full of sliced bread, bowls of butter and jars of vegemite … hence, you had everything you needed to make a vegemite sandwich.  And, the best part – it was free!  More good news; the tables were re-stocked with these items at regular intervals.  The Aussies loved it – free vegemite sandwiches – I’m in!

Here’s the entry from my book …

Vegemite and the Cafeteria

7 Feb 1990 Wednesday

By the way, there’s another free item on the cafeteria menu.  No, I’m not talking about tea; although you’re right, it’s free too.  I’m talking about an Aussie staple.  Aussie’s can live off this stuff; it’s the Vegemite Sandwich!

There’s only one problem.  You see, as of right now, I’m not a vegemite fan; I don’t like the stuff.  It’s a black paste made from vegetable extract.  It has a very strong unique taste; like a bouillon cube except spreadable.

But, that doesn’t matter.  The Aussie’s would riot if you took the vegemite sandwich off the free menu!

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