The California solution – we ain’t paying!

Golden Dawn Bridge by Nicolas Raymond on flickr

The California legislators have come up with the most elegant solution.   I call it “The California Solution.”  It’s brilliant.

Solution to what?

You see, California has a problem.  Apparently the state legislators and many of the residents are not happy with the way the federal government in Washington is spending/controlling their hard earned tax dollars.  California wants sanctuary cities, the federal government doesn’t.  The feds have come back with a threat – get rid of the sanctuary cities or we’ll cut off your funding.  California is crying foul.

Thank you California!

And this is where the elegant solution comes in.  It’s amazing.  How come it took so long for someone to think of it?

From what I’ve read, California pays the federal government more taxes than what California gets back.  So, to counter the “we’ll cut your funding” threat, California legislators have come up with a response – The California Solution – as follows:

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A sure fire way to end wasteful government spending!

6289500355_f6941f896f_nYes, there’s one sure fire way to end wasteful government spending.  It’s a proven recipe.  It works.  It’s easy.  It’s simple.  It’s a no-brainer.

Here’s how …

Take away their money!

I guarantee you, there’s no way the government can carry on wasting hard earned taxpayer money if they don’t have any money.  Can’t be done.  They’re finished.  Game over.  All wasteful government spending will come to a halt.

Unfortunately, this means all government spending that’s not wasteful (not sure what that is …) comes to a halt as well.  I guess we have to take the good with the bad.

How do you take away their money?

Now, comes the more interesting question – how do you take away their money?

I figure there are two primary ways.

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What do the troops expect of their leaders?

That’s me many years ago as a young air force lieutenant.

Back in April 1988, I attended a Non-commissioned officer (NCO) Appointment Ceremony on Buckley Air National Guard Base, near Denver, Colorado.  Enlisted troops were making the transition from senior airman to buck sergeant – newly minted NCOs.

I had a special role in the ceremony.  I was asked to be the guest speaker.  I accepted.  I was honored.  Here’s what I shared with the new NCOs.

NCO Appointment Ceremony Speech

In almost seven years of service, I’ve always heard and read about what officers expect of their NCOs and what NCOs expect of their airmen.  The punishment for not meeting these expectations has always been clear – counseling, Letter of Reprimand, Article 15 or Courts Martial – depending on the severity of the missed expectation.

What I’ve heard and read virtually nothing about is what NCOs expect of their officers and what airmen expect of their NCOs!  Certainly, the punishment for a leader who does not meet the expectations of his troops is not so clear.  I’ve never heard of an airman giving an Article 15 to an NCO!

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How do you get started in guest blogging …

Guest BlogI’m not sure of the best way or the proper way but last week I got started in guest blogging by emailing a bunch of potential websites and one of them got back with me and said, “Send articles.”

So, I sent an article.

And, they published it.

I was happy.  My guest blogging career had begun.

And, they seemed happy.  They got another blogger that writes to their liking and in their genre.

Looks like a win-win.

I’ve already submitted my second article.  Seeing the first one published motivated me to write more.

Click here to see my first guest blog article, “How do you get started in property investment.

Clark Air Base … arriving for the first time.

Clark Air Base Gate April 1989.

In my latest book Dreams of the Philippines, (out soon) I write about arriving at Clark Air Base for the first time.  I sat anxiously in the windowless cargo bay of a C-141 Starlifter military transport aircraft.  It was pure adventure.  Here’s an excerpt from the book …


I closed my eyes as I waited anxiously for the wheels to touch the runway. I was excited about the prospect of visiting the Philippines. I’d heard about it. I’d listened to the stories from the troops stationed there. I’d read books about it. I read the boring encyclopedia articles about it. Even the boring entries sounded exciting.

The Philippines – made up of over seven thousand islands. What’s the exact number? Who knows? A Filipina beauty pageant contestant explained it best. One of the judges asked, “How many islands are there in the Philippines?” Her reply drew great laughter, applause and admiration, “Do you mean high tide or low tide?”

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