“Live What you Love” – Naomi Simson


With Naomi SImson and my daughter Franchesca.

Just got back from an October Business Month talk from Naomi Simson author of “Live What You Love” and founder of “Red Balloon” a hugely successful online gift retailer.  She’s also a television personality staring in the hit show “Shark Tank.”

Her talk was engaging, entertaining, inspiring and – best of all – practical.  Some of her nuggets of wisdom include the following:

  • Just as much effort to play a big game as a little game
  • Relationships create the brand experience.
  • Just say “Thank You” a lot!
  • We think the business is about money; money is just the scorecard.
  • Unite purpose and passion and you have the cause

She ended her talk by sharing three important things to have in life.  First, a wishbone.  That’s for your big dreams and aspirations.  Next, a backbone.  That’s to keep going when everyone else gives up.  And, finally, a funny-bone.  That’s so you can enjoy life along the way.

I appreciate Naomi sharing her business and life insights this morning.  She appears to have her funny bone in good alignment as she comes across as a person who’s loving life!

Interest rates and the property investor …

Interest RatesWhen interest rates go up, most homeowners react the same way … they take a big gulp!

Conversely, when interest rates drop, these same people let out a big cheer.

Now, what about most property investors?  How do they react?

You’re right, they react about the same.  Maybe they take a bigger gulp or let out a bigger cheer, but the reaction is generally the same.

You see, for the property investor, the results are multiplied.  That can be good news or bad  news.  If rates go up, then the “pain” is mulitplied; hence a bigger gulp.  If rates  go down, then the “joy” is multiplied, hence a bigger cheer.

What I’d like to do today is put some numbers to this “pain” and/or “joy.”  Take a look at how interest rates effect a property investor’s cash flow.

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What sort of gun control do you want?

Gun Control. I worked so well last time.Gun control is a fact of life.  There will always be someone in control of the guns.  It’s just a question of “who’s in control?”

I figure there are essentially two types of gun control.  One is the dictator scenario and one is the free society scenario.  You can have one or the other, but not both.  Which one do you want?

It seems to me the current “gun control” dialog suggests you can have both.  I don’t think so.

One form of gun control is in a dictatorship.  That’s where the dictator controls all the guns.  The dictator rules with an iron fist.

The very first step in the dictatorship manual is to get control of the guns.  It’s step one.  Got to do this step first, then it’s smooth sailing.  You can’t skip this step; you must carry it out first.  Then all the other steps are easy.  All the other steps – like government takeover of the press, government takeover of private business, elimination of free speech, elimination of opposition political parties – become a walk in the park; no worries; done deal.

Who’s going to stop the dictator?  Who’s going to stop the person who controls all the guns?

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Business and Life Wisdom from Ruslan Kogan


In the lobby of the Alice Springs Convention Centre with Ruslan Kogan (kogan.com).

I just spent the morning listening to Ruslan Kogan – founder and CEO of kogan.com – share his business and life wisdom.  Probably the best speech I’ve ever heard.  Not because he made everyone laugh a lot – although he did; not because he had great stories – although he did; and not because he’s so down to earth – he is.  The reason I feel his talk was so inspiring is because his message was both powerful and truthful.  Rusian did something unique this morning – he spoke the truth.  And, truth is a rare commodity these days.

I hear lots of powerful messages from people and organizations all the time.  Unfortunately, most of these messages are not truthful.  Like when the government boldly states, “We create jobs.”

Ruslan told us the exact opposite, ‘government doesn’t create jobs – never have and never will.’  And, that folks – contrary to what you hear in the mainstream media and from government – is the truth.

He summed up his life philosophy so eloquently when he told us:

“… only one person in the world who knows what makes me happy.  And, only one person in the world who is responsible for making me happy.”

I got the message.  If I ain’t happy with my life … guess what?  It’s my fault.

Again, he spoke the truth.

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Does the government need you to pay more tax?

Government Spending

Government:  “We need more money!”  … when will the government ever have enough money?

Next time the government says, “We’re running out of money!  We need to raise taxes!”  remember this story …

“Dave, you’re gonna hate it there.”  Said my next door neighbor Fred.  “I worked there for 3 years and hated it.  You think the red tape here is bad; wait till you see what it’s like over there.”

My family and I were over Fred’s house for a BBQ.  He was a BBQ master.  I was enjoying the wonderful smells of cooking burgers coming from the grill.  But, the conversation was not to my liking.  Fred seemed to really enjoy telling me how bad it was going to be at my next assignment.

I listened intently.  As an engineer for a private company, I accepted a position to this place.  I wanted to learn all about it.  After listening to Fred, I wasn’t sure about my decision to move.

Fred was a government employee.  He’d been in the civil service for many years.  He was an engineer.

“Well, how bad is it Fred?”  I asked and then silently ducked my head as if I was going to be hit with incoming mortar fire.

“Ok, let me tell ya.”

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