The First ANZAC Day

Background:  On 29 Mar 2014 I competed in a speech contest in Cairns.  I didn’t take out any prizes but I thought I’d share the text as I feel it’s a good commemoration of the upcoming ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) anniversary on 25 Apr 2014.  It’s a fictional account – based on my research – about the first ANZAC Day as seen through the eyes of one soldier who was there for the fateful landing in 1915.  It’s loosely based on another article I wrote back in 2010 titled, “Hop out and after em lads – The First ANAC Day.”

Photo: From the State Library of South Australia on Flickr.

The First ANZAC Day

Date: 25 April 1915, Sunday

Time: 4 a.m.

Location: 6 km off the coastline of Gallipoli.

Vehicle: A lifeboat holding 28 Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) soldiers and a crew of sailors.

Who: Sandford Shaw; everyone calls him Sandy; 27 years old, born in Baltimore and joined the ANZACs from a place called Broadmeadows about 16 km outside of Melbourne

Ladies and gentlemen,

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House prices going up … ?

House on Scale

House prices going up? Or coming down?

Are house prices going up this year?

Only one way to tell; wait until 1 Jan next year and see.  Other than that, there’s really no way to know.  After all, I don’t know anyone who can see into the future.  People can guess, they can forecast, the can conjecture, but they cannot tell for sure.  Only after the passage of time does the answer become clear …

“See that, prices did go up!  I told you they would!”


“I never thought the prices would drop, but they did!  Amazing!”

But, this is just hindsight.  And, the problem with hindsight is that although you’re always 100% right (after all, you know the answer, the event has happened!), unfortunately, you’re also 100% too late.  The opportunity has passed …

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Why no carbon tax on petrol?

I think I know the answer to this one …

Why the government doesn’t want to put a carbon tax on petrol and most other road transport fuels.

Here’s my theory.

The reason the government doesn’t want to put a carbon tax on fuel at the pump is this …


Why do they feel guilty?  Good question.

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Property Construction; How do you finish on time?

Here’s a tip from a master of the construction and property business.  It’s one of his techniques for completing construction projects on-time.

It’s very simple but apparently highly effective.  It incentivizes the builder, and avoids arguments.

I got this tip from a book.  A book I’d highly recomend to any property investor.  It contains a lot more nuggets of wisdom than just this one.

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Property Crash? What can we learn from the sea captain?

Property crash – what’s that?

Never heard of such a thing.  Especially not here in Australia.

But, lately, it’s the talk of the town.  The hottest topic.  Is the Australian property market headed for a US style crash?

Well, let me state right up front – I have no idea!

Does anyone know?  I doubt it.  Nevertheless, it’s appears to be a topic of keen interest these days.

But, where does this conversation lead?

Doesn’t it beg the question, “What can we – as property invstors – do about it?”

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