3 C’s of Success

Michelle Bridges and Dave

Michelle Bridges at the Alice Springs Convention Centre last night following her inspiring talk to a huge enthusiastic audience.

Michelle Bridges was ‘in da house’ last evening at the Alice Springs Convention Centre sharing her insights and wisdom.  She demonstrated her command of the stage and her ability to communicate; getting her powerful message across – with positive impact – to a large audience.  Even though I was sitting with say 400 other people, I felt Michelle was talking directly to me; as if we were having a conversation.

She captivated the room.  We – the audience – sat perfectly silent listening intently to her every word.  And she delivered.  Her message was hard hitting, full of value, practical and easily applied.

Did I mention she was very entertaining as well?  She brought us up to exciting highs, then some short lows where we pondered hard hitting questions, then she’d have us rocking back and forth in our seats laughing.  Michelle is a polished public speaker.

I felt the most salient point of Michelle’s message was her “3 C’s to Success.”  But, before discussing the “3 C’s” I’d like to share some other aspects of her hard hitting and inspiring message.

Michelle’s told us her message, advice and/or suggestions are like a bunch of jackets.  We – the audience – are welcome to try them on.  And, if you like a particular one or more – great.  If not, that’s great too.  She only asked that before trying on one of her “jackets” – “take yours off first!”

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When is it ok to have a big hole in your roof?

Evaporative Cooler is gone! One of the few times when having a hole in your roof may be considered a good thing!”

Before today I really couldn’t think of any reasons why it would be ok to have a big hole in your roof.  After all, if having a big hole in your roof is ok, then the follow-on argument might be, ‘Why have a roof at all?’

But, today is different.  Today I learned that having a large square hole in your roof can be a good thing.  Granted the hole is only temporary and will be repaired very shortly but it’s a good sign – a sign that something good has taken place.

So, here’s the occasion when having a hole in your roof is ok …


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How to make your ugly Evaporative Cooler look great!

Evap Cooler Stand

This is how you make an ugly Evaporative Cooler look good … GET RID OF IT! This is the feature we made today from the brickwork that used to hold up the evaporative cooler. Now this area looks great!

Do you have an ugly evaporative cooler?  If so, I’ve found a solution to making it look great!  One minute you have an ugly old calcium laden gigantic metal structure sticking out of your roof or taking  up some important living space in your back yard and the next minute – it’s all beautiful!

I dreamed of this day.  The day my ugly evap cooler would look good.  Well, that day has arrived.  And, I’d like to share with you how I did it.

But, first let’s discuss evaporative coolers … what are they?  How do they work?  Why would anyone have one?

Well, evaporative coolers are very popular here in Central Australia; Alice Springs to be exact.  Virtually every older house has at least one.  You see them in all different kinds of places on the home.  It seems the most popular spot is on the roof.

Apparently, someone years ago discovered the concept by hanging a wet towel in front of a fan.  The cooling effect from this setup can be quite refreshing especially in a dry climate area like Alice Springs.  Next thing you know someone decided to capitalize on this concept and the evaporative cooler was born.  They started popping up everywhere.

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How to build a Man Cave


Completed Man Cave!

“Hey Dave, where do you want the window to go?”  Karl asked.

“I reckon it should go right in the middle about this high.”  I replied as I held my hand up to my belly button showing where the bottom of the window would sit.

And, that’s how it all started; how the Man Cave came into being.  Karl, the carpenter, and I just rolled up our sleeves and started building it.

Twelve days later the carpentry was done.  Then came the painter.  Three days later  he was finished.  And finally the electrician came around to wire up the outlets, down-lights, fan and install the air conditioner.


Last week I moved into the new Man Cave.

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Traditional Retirement Plans: Other options?

New York City skyline, view from Weehawken NJ

What are the Chinese government and businesses doing with their excess cash? Should we follow their lead?

So, if traditional retirement plans aren’t the way to go, what is?  (See my article Traditional Retirement Plans:  3 Fatal Flaws to find out why I believe these plans are not going to cut it when it comes to your financial future.)

What other options are available?

Well, when looking for other options, I would first suggest you stop investing in anything that has  the word “retirement” attached to it.  To me, that’s a sure fire sign it’s a program designed for the masses and designed for one purpose only – to make millions  for the plan owners.  Also, it tells  me the government has  their hands in the deal  and can change the rules (tax laws) at  any time they want.  I don’t like that kind of set up.

So, what to do?

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