How is Investing like Fishing?

The Fisherman

Who catches the most fish?

I remember reading an article saying the Aussie housing market outperformed shares over a particular 10 year period.  And, I suppose that’s good news for property investors.  The folks who invest in shares were probably not be so pleased with this  announcement.

But, I’ll bet there are property investors who lost money during this 10 year run. And, I’ll bet there are share investors that made buckets of money over this same period of time.

You see, what is the key to successful investing?  Is it the investment vehicle – housing or shares – or … is it the investor?

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How do you get to be the boss?

The Boss

How do you get this title?

How do you get to be the boss?

I can hardly wait to answer this question because … I’ve never been called the boss!

At least not in the corporate sense.

Even though I worked in the military and corporate world for many years, I was never called the boss – ever!

I always seemed to be the new guy working his way up. I’d change jobs and start at the bottom again. As such, I never had anybody reporting to me. I never wrote efficiency reports on other people, I never called the troops together for a meeting, I never had anyone call me “boss.”

I’m OK with that; very OK.

Over the years, I’ve had many so-called bosses.  I have lots of experience dealing with people higher on the corporate ladder who I called “boss.”

Now, I’m discovering something a bit radical. All these people that I thought were bosses – really weren’t!

How can that be?

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How do you Harvest Rice?

Rice Harvest  3

My brother-in-law Francis holding up the bountiful harvest! RICE! In the Philippines rice in the field is called “palay.” Milled rice in the sack is called “bigas.” Finally, when cooked up it’s called “kanin.”

And, just how do you harvest rice?

Not sure.  But, somehow I feel like I’m a part of the rice harvest this year.

You see, my wife and I have a 1500 square meter block of land in the Philippines that my brother-in-law Francis and sister-in-law Rose use to plant rice.  The land is located in Sual, Pangasinan about a 4 hour drive north of Manila.  You can look out from our front porch and see Lingayen Gulf.

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How is income tax like stolen furniture?

Income Tax

Who thought it was a good idea to give the federal government the power to tax citizens directly?

Nice Furniture.  Where’d you steal it from?

The income tax reminds me of a story.

Many years ago, when I was a young lieutenant in the United States Air Force stationed in Denver, Colorado, a security policeman told me how he got into big trouble with the First Sergeant for being involved with “stolen furniture.”

“The First Sergeant calls me in his office and then reads me my rights!  I had no idea what I was doing there; what I was being charged for; what I’d done wrong?” He blurted out.

The security policeman kept talking; I kept listening intently.  “He asked me if I was at Joe’s party on Saturday night.  I said ‘Yes’.  Then he asked if I knew all the furniture in Joe’s apartment was stolen?  Course I said, ‘No!’  I had no idea.  Then the First Shirt got half way up out of his chair and leaned over his desk and yelled at me ‘Well, you should have known!'”

Then the upset security policeman asked me rhetorically, “How was I supposed to know Joe had stolen furniture at his place?

Finally, he expressed his feelings most eloquently exclaiming, “What was I supposed to do, walk into Joe’s house and say, ‘Hey nice furniture, WHERE DID YOU STEAL IT FROM?'”

The security policeman’s story has left me traumatized.  Now, whenever I walk into someone’s house and see nice furniture I have all I can do keep from asking, “Hey, your furniture is very nice.  Is it stolen?  I have to ask otherwise I could be an accomplice to a crime.  That’s of course if it’s stolen, but it probably isn’t … you didn’t steal it right?”

What does this have to do  with income tax?


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3 C’s of Success

Michelle Bridges and Dave

Michelle Bridges at the Alice Springs Convention Centre last night following her inspiring talk to a huge enthusiastic audience.

Michelle Bridges was ‘in da house’ last evening at the Alice Springs Convention Centre sharing her insights and wisdom.  She demonstrated her command of the stage and her ability to communicate; getting her powerful message across – with positive impact – to a large audience.  Even though I was sitting with say 400 other people, I felt Michelle was talking directly to me; as if we were having a conversation.

She captivated the room.  We – the audience – sat perfectly silent listening intently to her every word.  And she delivered.  Her message was hard hitting, full of value, practical and easily applied.

Did I mention she was very entertaining as well?  She brought us up to exciting highs, then some short lows where we pondered hard hitting questions, then she’d have us rocking back and forth in our seats laughing.  Michelle is a polished public speaker.

I felt the most salient point of Michelle’s message was her “3 C’s to Success.”  But, before discussing the “3 C’s” I’d like to share some other aspects of her hard hitting and inspiring message.

Michelle’s told us her message, advice and/or suggestions are like a bunch of jackets.  We – the audience – are welcome to try them on.  And, if you like a particular one or more – great.  If not, that’s great too.  She only asked that before trying on one of her “jackets” – “take yours off first!”

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