April 2010

Killing the Golden Goose!

Story Setting: We already had two houses in Florida. But, when Mom asked the magic question, “Do you want to buy my house?” How could I refuse? She was offering us her rental property in the same neighborhood; at a great price. It seemed like a no-brainer. Then, for some reason, it just wasn’t working; […]

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“Hop out and after ’em, lads!” The First ANZAC Day

Anzac Cove, near Gallipoli, Turkey, a photo by State Library of South Australia on Flickr. Preface to Story (Special Event Article to Commemorate ANZAC Day 2010) I remember attending a military ball at the RAAF Base Edinburgh, north of Adelaide in March 1990. I was one of a bunch of “Yanks” invited down from Woomera. […]

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