September 2010

Can Overseas Investors Buy Property in the US?

Good question.  And, it’s a question I posed to the local real estate agents and bank representatives.  Probably the best way to sum up their response would be as follows: Does the Pope go to church on Sundays?

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What Kind of House Can I Get in Florida for under $140,000?

Are you sitting down?  Good, because $140,000 buys a lot of house these days in west central Florida. Click here to see what I mean! Now, keep in mind this house will only rent for about $1,000 a month, so the cash flow situation for an investment property would not be very exciting.  But, if […]

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Short Sale – Say What?

My visit to the USA has been very educational.  I’m learning new terms; new concepts.  Especially when it comes to real estate.  One especially common term these days is “short sale.” So, what is a short sale?  What’s it all about?  Well, let’s listen in on a compilation of conversations I’ve had over the past […]

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