September 2011

Clean Energy: The next gold rush?

Let’s do a thought experiment.  Let’s say Australia became the leader in clean energy technology.  The go-to country.  The place where all the world goes to buy their clean energy machines and technology. Would that be cool? Would it be profitable? Would it create jobs? Would it generate serious wealth for the nation? I reckon […]

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Carbon tax: Government role?

What role should the government play in the carbon tax? Should the government be building wind turbines?  Should they be building tidal surge machines?  Should they be developing new filters to mitigate the carbon pollution from car exhausts and smokestacks? On second thought, maybe they shouldn’t. How come? Have you ever visited a government agency? […]

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Go to Tennant Creek, see the opera!

Before last week, I’d never been to an opera.  Have you ever been? I would venture to say that most folks haven’t.  But, last week while visiting Tennant Creek, my life changed.  I saw my first opera. It all happened when I made a phone call to Tenant Creek letting Father John know we were […]

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