November 2011

Been to Darwin Lately?

I have and it’s beautiful! I traveled up there the week before last and was very impressed. Especially with the Wharf precinct.  That’s where you’ll find the Darwin Convention Centre. I was there to attend the “Housing 2030” Conference. I was taken back by how beautiful this area has turned out.

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Affordable Housing; What does that mean?

Last week I attended the “Housing 2030 Conference” held at the Darwin Convention Centre.  Although the official catch-phrase was “a balanced market” the real buzz-words on the ground were “affordable housing.”  And, the big question, “How do you get there?”  How do you get to affordable housing because it seemed everyone was in general agreement, […]

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Where’s the property market going?

Well, well, well.  The magic question.  What’s in store for the future?  If only we could tell.  If only someone could look into the future and tell us what’s going to happen, then we could make the right decisions. Or could we? In the end, it doesn’t matter because I don’t think anyone can tell […]

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