March 2012

Who’s excited about accounting?

Not me, that’s for sure! I’m not really into accounting.  But, then again, I’m not really into a lot of things.  Just add accounting to the list. But, accounting is different.  I’m not into it, but I feel I need to be. Do I need to get excited about it? No. But, I probably should […]

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Short Sale … why do it?

Short sales are all the rage in the USA these days. And, that’s not something to celebrate. Why? Because if people are “short selling”, times are not good.  The short sale has become one of the most popular “tools of choice” since the global financial crisis hit the world like a tsunami in 2008. So, […]

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My first footy game!

Footy.  What a game. Does the word excitement mean anything to you? Well, it took on a new meaning for me as I attended my first Australian Football League (AFL) game last Saturday night.

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