March 2014

House prices going up … ?

Are house prices going up this year? Only one way to tell; wait until 1 Jan next year and see.  Other than that, there’s really no way to know.  After all, I don’t know anyone who can see into the future.  People can guess, they can forecast, the can conjecture, but they cannot tell for […]

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Property Construction; How do you finish on time?

Here’s a tip from a master of the construction and property business.  It’s one of his techniques for completing construction projects on-time. It’s very simple but apparently highly effective.  It incentivizes the builder, and avoids arguments. I got this tip from a book.  A book I’d highly recomend to any property investor.  It contains a lot more nuggets […]

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Property Crash? What can we learn from the sea captain?

Property crash – what’s that? Never heard of such a thing.  Especially not here in Australia. But, lately, it’s the talk of the town.  The hottest topic.  Is the Australian property market headed for a US style crash? Well, let me state right up front – I have no idea! Does anyone know?  I doubt […]

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