October 2014

How do you Harvest Rice?

And, just how do you harvest rice? Not sure.  But, somehow I feel like I’m a part of the rice harvest this year. You see, my wife and I have a 1500 square meter block of land in the Philippines that my brother-in-law Francis and sister-in-law Rose use to plant rice.  The land is located […]

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How is income tax like stolen furniture?

Nice Furniture.  Where’d you steal it from? The income tax reminds me of a story. Many years ago, when I was a young lieutenant in the United States Air Force stationed in Denver, Colorado, a security policeman told me how he got into big trouble with the First Sergeant for being involved with “stolen furniture.” […]

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3 C’s of Success

Michelle Bridges was ‘in da house’ last evening at the Alice Springs Convention Centre sharing her insights and wisdom.  She demonstrated her command of the stage and her ability to communicate; getting her powerful message across – with positive impact – to a large audience.  Even though I was sitting with say 400 other people, […]

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