January 2015

Uh-Oh! A Non-Smoker in the Smoking Area

I’m in the process of writing my second book.  The current title is, “Yanks in the Outback.”  Secondary title, “Gulf War Diary, Feb 1990 – Apr 1991.”  It’s a fictional story based on my real life experience when stationed in Woomera, South Australia with the US Air Force. It’s in diary format for several reasons. […]

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So Glad Ohio State Won …

I was very glad to hear Ohio State won the college football national championship yesterday.  It’s a much better feeling than when the team is not doing so well. And, I remember when the team wasn’t doing so well.  One moment in particular is the Liberty Bowl on 29 Dec 1990.  I was stationed in […]

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The Language of Marriage

My eldest daughter Franchesca (Chez) got married yesterday.  She and her new husband Dwayne asked me to give a speech at the reception; here’s what I said … The Language of Marriage I’ve been married now for over 24 years and I’ve known Franchesca since she was born so I feel somewhat qualified to share […]

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