March 2016

The Origin of ANZAC Day

Many years ago, while stationed at Woomera, South Australia, as a member of the US Air Force, I wrote an article about ANZAC Day and it appeared in the local paper. With ANZAC Day 2016 fast approaching, I thought it may be appropriate to dust it off and share it with any folks out there […]

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P-40 vs Zero: Dogfight over China.

I remember many years ago while working in the Aero-Propulsion Laboratory at Wright-Patterson, Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio listening to a man telling war stories; real war stories – sit up in your chair and hang onto every word – war stories. It was in the early 1990s.  The audience was packed in like […]

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What did Frederick Douglass teach me about income tax?

Why do you and I pay income tax? I’ve heard some people answer this question by saying things like, “How we gonna pay for the roads?  How do you think we pay for all the social services?  Who’s gonna mow the lawn at the governor’s mansion?  You think someone’s gonna do that for free? Come […]

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