A sure fire way to end wasteful government spending!


6289500355_f6941f896f_nYes, there’s one sure fire way to end wasteful government spending.  It’s a proven recipe.  It works.  It’s easy.  It’s simple.  It’s a no-brainer.

Here’s how …

Take away their money!

I guarantee you, there’s no way the government can carry on wasting hard earned taxpayer money if they don’t have any money.  Can’t be done.  They’re finished.  Game over.  All wasteful government spending will come to a halt.

Unfortunately, this means all government spending that’s not wasteful (not sure what that is …) comes to a halt as well.  I guess we have to take the good with the bad.

How do you take away their money?

Now, comes the more interesting question – how do you take away their money?

I figure there are two primary ways.

First Way:  Let the Government do it

First, let the government do it themselves.  Let the government tax and spend the country into the ground.  When that happens, there’s no money left.

It’s like the looters who keep robbing everyone until there’s no one left to rob.  The business lifespan of a looter is not very long.  And, governments who loot the people through more and more taxes, more and more red tape, more and more regulations, more and more arbitrary laws, more and more fees, more and more licenses, more and more permits will eventually run out of citizens to loot.  All the productive citizens will leave.  All the private wealth producing businesses will close down and move someplace where they’re appreciated.

The government will be left with all the citizens looking for a handout.  This is the looters dilemma – once you’ve looted everyone worth looting, there’s nowhere to go.  Game over.  The money’s gone.  The government is out of business.  They’ve run out of citizen’s and businesses to loot.

Of course this leads to our desired result – all wasteful government spending will come to a grinding halt.

That’s the first way.

Second Way:  The citizens take action

The next way is for the people to figure out they’ve had enough and do something about it.  Once the people come to the realization, “We have to stop wasteful government spending or we’re all going to end up in the bread line!” they can take collective action; everyone at the same time; a coordinated attack.

But there’s no rough stuff involved.  It’s all very peaceful.  The citizens make a decision and then take a very simple action or – a better way to say it – a very simple “in-action.”

It’s kind of like the guy who asked the question, “What if two national leaders decided to start a war and nobody showed up?”

Well, the same logic applies here.  That’s how you end all wasteful government spending.  It’s easy.  It’s simple.  It just requires coordinated action – or coordinated in-action – just like the soldiers who forgot to show up for the war.

A sure fire way to end all government wasteful spending is for everyone to simply stop paying taxes.  Stop now.  All people – workers, businesses, sole traders … everyone.  Just stop paying.

I guarantee you all wasteful government spending will come to a halt.  No vote required.  No joint session of congress.  No debate.  They’re done.

That’s the second way.

Which is better, the first way or the second way?

Over to you.

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