With Naomi Simson and my daughter Franchesca at the Alice Springs Convention Centre on Wed 7 Oct 2015.

Hi, I’m Dave Ives.  Glad you’ve stopped by to visit.

I originally created this website to write a series of articles telling my story; the  journey from my Just Over Broke (JOB) condition to full time property investor.

Well, I’ve completed virtually all the stories.  You can read them on this website; just search under the category “My Story.”

But, now that the stories have been told, I’m taking some liberties.  I’m expanding my writing to include any value adding subjects.  The only criteria is the articles must – in some way –  inspire, explain, show, inform, give hope, and/or encourage.

With Ruslan Kogan (kogan.com) at the Alice Springs Convention Centre Thurs 1 Oct 2015.

Yes, I will keep the focus on property investing, but I like the idea of having a bit of freedom.  Freedom to stray from the beaten path.  Freedom to roam; freedom to go off on a tangent once in a while.

So, you’ll see me writing about one of my favorite subjects – military history.  Maybe an article from time to time about something political.  Could get sporty!

Michelle Bridges and Dave
Hangin with Michelle Bridges at the Alice Springs Convention Centre on Wed 8 Oct 2014.

Part of my rationale for this shift is my strong belief that “your attitude determines your altitude.”  In other words, your success as a property investor – or any worthwhile endeavor – is directly related to your attitude; directly related to your belief; directly related to your self-esteem.

So, I ask myself, what can I do to help others build their self-esteem?  What can I write that will boost you to action?  What can I share that will inspire you on your life path; your life goal; your life dream?

Jamie and Dave
Hangin with Jamie Durie at the Alice Springs Convention Centre on Tue 1 Oct 2013.

My goal is to write articles that facilitate the development of self-esteem; self belief; self worth.  My personal property investment stories hopefully work to this end.  And, my other “off topic” articles should as well.  If so, I’m achieving my goal.  If not, I need to change direction, adjust the sails, and get back on course!

Your feedback will let me know how I’m doing; your constructive comments are most welcome.

Go forth and make big, exciting, adventurous, worthwhile and value-adding things happen!




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