Book Cover Design … How do you do it?

Book cover design … where do you start. (photo by Simoes on Flikr)

I’ve stumbled across a way to design an excellent book cover.  As such I thought I’d share my discovery with others who may be looking for a way to get a quality book cover at a reasonable price.

Here’s a shot of truth.  You’re going to have to pay a price to get a quality book cover.  The price may be in dollars or in time spent honing your book design skills.  But, you will have to pay a price.  The question is this, “How can I get a great cover without breaking the bank and/or without spending eight years  at book cover design school?”  Well, I think I’ve found the answer.

Am I an expert book at book cover design?  No.  And, that’s what makes my discovery even more exciting – you don’t have to know “beans” about book cover design to get an excellent cover.  And more good news – you don’t have to be a millionaire.

Book Cover – It’s important.

My first 100Covers design.

Before disclosing my discovery, let me share a few things I’ve learned about book cover design.

First, a good book cover is critical.  Without a wow-factor, eye-catching, attention grabbing, professional looking cover, a book is most likely not going to sell.  If it doesn’t sell, then chances are – nobody’s reading it.  Not exciting.  It’s like a house that’s beautiful on the inside but ugly on the outside, how are you going to sell it when you can’t even get anyone to come inside and have a look?  A good cover has to be backed up with a good story, but a good story with a bad cover will never get read.  And, I suppose, if you write a book, you want people to read it – lots of people – the more the better.  So why not peek their curiosity with a good cover?

Next, it’s probably not the best idea to design your own book cover.  How do I know?  Because that’s what I did for my first four books.  I designed the covers myself.  I thought they were great – no one else did.  After a while I felt like the “wannabe” who does his own home improvement projects.  You know who I’m talking about … the guy who says, “How do you like my new patio pavers?”  You scan the patio pavers and notice some “in-your-face” discrepancies – they’re crooked, they’re not level, they look like crap.  Then, before you can respond he adds, “I did it myself!”  You do your best to find the right words.  Finally you come up with your most diplomatic response, “Yes, I can tell you did it yourself.”  Well, that’s how I feel about my home-made cover designs – they  looked like I did it.  They looked like a guy with limited book cover design skills (me) did it.  They looked like … (I don’t want to say it.)

But, good news – there’s nothing to worry about. You can get an excellent cover for your book without knowing “beans” about book cover design.  It’s easy. It’s painless. It does set you back a few dollars, but the “quality to dollars ratio” is huge — big bang for your buck.


My second 100Covers design.

I’ve used for my last two cover “upgrades” and I highly recommend them.  You fill out a simple questionnaire and then they take over.

Do you squabble back and forth over font selection?  Do you go over different color pallets and down select the winners?  Do you wrestle with word placement and picture choices?


Remember what I said, ” … and then they take over.”  They take your inputs and come back with a design.  That’s the process.  Sounds scary but I’ve found … IT WORKS!  I’ve found, the less input I have, the better the cover design.

And the cost?  $100.  Their tagline “Big Covers.  Small Price” is spot on.  Check out their website for more pricing details.

Bottom line … how do you come up with an excellent cover for your book?   Hire to make you one.

Done.  Dusted.

P.S.  I don’t have any affiliation with 100Covers other than as a customer.

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