Have you started your DIY Career?

He’s one for ya … a do-it-yourself (DIY) career. I can almost hear what you’re thinking … “A DIY career?  What’s he going on-about this time …?” Well, let me tell you … While doing research on creating an e-book, I came across a very interesting example.  It was an ebook explaining how to put […]

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Inspiration from a “Corporate Escapee”

I like the term “corporate escapee.” I like it because it congers up a very powerful image.   The image of a person working day in and day out to find a way out of the rat-race.  Just like the prisoner who digs an escape tunnel – just a little each day – until finally, […]

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What is Lifestyle Anyway?

Good question.  And one that needs to be answered. But here’s the catch … the answer depends on who you ask.  So, for the sake of this article, let’s assume you asked me.  Here’s my answer. For me, lifestyle, has to begin with several parameters as follows: 1)  Control of my calendar. 2)  Choice of […]

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