P-40 vs Zero: Dogfight over China.

I remember many years ago while working in the Aero-Propulsion Laboratory at Wright-Patterson, Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio listening to a man telling war stories; real war stories – sit up in your chair and hang onto every word – war stories. It was in the early 1990s.  The audience was packed in like […]

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Do you remember the Doolittle Raid?

I don’t remember the Doolittle raid.  It happened long before I was born; April 1942. The raid involved launching a bunch of Army bomber planes off an aircraft carrier and attacking the Japanese mainland.  Pretty bold stunt considering the Japanese Navy controlled virtually all the Pacific Ocean at that time.  The leader of the team, […]

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Want to see my Grandpa’s War Medals?

Back in 1999 or so I was having a conversation with a few co-workers; the topic – World War II.  Then from across the room we hear, “Hey my grandfather was in the war.  He was a pilot.  I’ve got all his medals.  Wanna see em?” It was Walt.  Normally a rather quiet guy, he […]

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