Book Cover Design … How do you do it?

I’ve stumbled across a way to design an excellent book cover.  As such I thought I’d share my discovery with others who may be looking for a way to get a quality book cover at a reasonable price. Here’s a shot of truth.  You’re going to have to pay a price to get a quality […]

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How to write a book …

Don’t know if I’m qualified to write an article titled “How to write a book.”  But, here goes anyway. I’m in the process of putting together the final touches on my latest book Dreams of the Philippines and thought I’d share how I went about getting it done.  The main purpose for sharing is to […]

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How Stephen King solved my plot problem.

I’m in the throes of writing my fourth book.  It’s fiction but based on a trip I took to the Philippines way back in 1989 when I was a junior officer in the US Air Force. I have a bunch of stories I want to share but here’s the rub … how do I connect […]

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