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All things having to do with property investment.

How do you get started in guest blogging …

I’m not sure of the best way or the proper way but last week I got started in guest blogging by emailing a bunch of potential websites and one of them got back with me and said, “Send articles.” So, I sent an article. And, they published it. I was happy.  My guest blogging career […]

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But, what if house prices keep dropping?

BUT, WHAT IF HOUSE PRICES KEEP DROPPING? Here’s a BUT question I encountered a lot while searching for property in Florida in late 2010.  Seemed like the conventional thinking was property prices were going to drop to zero.  I remember a particular encounter when this question popped up.  It was during a bank visit to […]

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Interest rates and the property investor …

When interest rates go up, most homeowners react the same way … they take a big gulp! Conversely, when interest rates drop, these same people let out a big cheer. Now, what about most property investors?  How do they react? You’re right, they react about the same.  Maybe they take a bigger gulp or let […]

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Expert … what kind?

Next time you run into an “expert” you may want to find out “what kind.”  Especially, if this particular expert want to sell you something.  Or, wants to give you some advise. You see, the person may very well be an expert.  It’s just that they’re not an expert in what they say they are, […]

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How much for a unit in Darwin?

How much can you expect to pay for a unit in Darwin?  Well, like most things in life … it depends. But, the most correct answer is this … A LOT! That’s right, if you want to buy a quality unit in Darwin, you’ll definitely need a stack of money. For instance, you can pick […]

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