So Glad Ohio State Won …

I was very glad to hear Ohio State won the college football national championship yesterday.  It’s a much better feeling than when the team is not doing so well. And, I remember when the team wasn’t doing so well.  One moment in particular is the Liberty Bowl on 29 Dec 1990.  I was stationed in […]

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My first footy game!

Footy.  What a game. Does the word excitement mean anything to you? Well, it took on a new meaning for me as I attended my first Australian Football League (AFL) game last Saturday night.

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Is there a cure for Linsanity?

A cure for Linsanity? Sorry to say, there is none. But, who wants to be cured anyway? It would be like trying to cure happiness.  Why bother?  I like being happy.  No thanks, I’ll pass on the cure. If you’ve already got Linsanity, then I recommend you just go with the flow.  Enjoy it.  Savor […]

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