Cure for Cancer … follow the money.

Pile Of Money
The money says … the cure for cancer is being suppressed.

I’m reading a book by James Altucher titled The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth.What does this have to do with cancer?

Well, it turns out … a lot.

You see, James highlights areas he feels are the up and coming trends and the first one he lists is “Biotech.”  He goes on to explain exactly why he invests in companies and technologies that diagnose cancer.  But – and here’s the big takeaway – he doesn’t go near companies looking for a cure!  He’s even gracious enough to explain why he stays away – far away – from any companies and/or technologies involved in searching for a cure.  I’ll let you hear it from James as he explains it on page 152 as follows:

I invest in companies that diagnose cancer … I don’t like to invest in cures because the FDA (Food and Drug Administraion) charges you $2 billion to test your cure and then they still might reject you, which doesn’t seem very fair.  Given our aging population, the FDA does more harm than good now.  But I do look into more natural causes for curing things.  It’s important to be aware that the FDA and the pharmaceutical industries have a vested interest in charging some of us tens of thousands a year for medicine, when we could be seeking more natural cures at a fraction of the cost.  So billions have been spent to suppress useful information about many diseases. 

I read this yesterday while sitting by the health club pool enjoying a banana choco smoothy and … the words scared me to death.  This is frightful.  This is almost unreal.  This is … criminal.

You mean to tell me the sophisticated investors of the world like James know the game is fixed?  They know the FDA is a machine that works against the best interests of the people it’s supposed to serve?  They realize it’s a waste of money to invest in the cure for cancer?  They realize the obstacles to finding a cure are mostly man made?  They know useful disease curing information is being suppressed?”

Folks, the information is out there.  You just have to look for it.  James found it.  He knows the “cancer cure” game is fixed.  He won’t put any money into that “losing” game.  He knows the deck is stacked – against finding a cure.  He knows even if the cure is found, it will face a battle that will probably make it go away – it’ll be suppressed.  Especially if the big pharmaceutical companies won’t make any money from it.

So, there you have it.  Follow the money.  The money says there’s no cure on the way.  The money says, even if there is a cure, you’ll never know about it.  The money says, if you want to cure cancer, you better do it yourself.  Look for the answer yourself.  Hey, who knows, the cure and prevention may already exist … maybe we need to start sifting through all the information the FDA is trying to suppress … maybe that’s where we should be looking.

Follow the money … the money says the cure for cancer is being suppressed.

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