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Yes, I may give advice from time to time.  Yes, I share my personal experiences.  But, please remember if you act on this advice or my personal experience stories it’s at your own risk.

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On this website I share what I’ve learned.  I also share my opinions.  I am not responsible for how you use this information; you are.  Just because you see a video of someone walking across a 300 ft high tight rope, doesn’t mean you should try it.  Just because you see me talk about a complicated vendor finance deal, doesn’t mean you should go out and try it.  Just like tightrope walking, learning to navigate finances can take years.  It will take getting real life experience.  As such, you may fail.  Failure is ok.  But blaming your failure on me or anyone else besides yourself is not ok.  Remember failure is a part of success.  You show me someone who had never failed and I’ll show you a failure.  You show me someone who’s failed a lot and I’ll show you a success!  (Check out Abraham Lincoln for some inspiration in how failure can lead to amazing success!)

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