Dreams of the Philippines

Reader Feedback

I’ve finished reading your book just this morning.  And it was great!!!  There was plenty of humour, plenty!  And the ending was quite suspenseful…I couldn’t stop reading through that last chapter.  I enjoyed the book so thank you for sending it through. It gave me much relief from a very busy work schedule.

The book is fun to  read!  Thanks for sharing Sean’s story.

I finished the book a few weeks ago. I enjoyed reading it … I couldn’t put it put it down, because it kept wondering what going to happen on the next chapter. I really enjoyed it because I was able to relate to the story especially with life experiences in the Marines.

Clark AFB was interesting too, the contrast between on and off base.  Your reactions to the people, hotel and the city of Manila were mirror images of my own when I went. 

The highlight of the book for me was the story of BB.  Particularly the last 3rd of the book, I found gripping.

What’s it about?

US Air Force Second Lieutenant Sean Mitchell catches a military cargo aircraft to Clark Air Base for a bit of adventure – something to break up the daily routine back at his duty station in Denver Colorado. His “adventure” turns into a life and death escape mission as he unwittingly finds himself an accessory to a large scale criminal racket.

When he befriends a street kid named Billy Bong, Mitchell’s world changes forever. He admires the young enterprising lad and wants to promote his street side business. But, his association with Billy Bong leads Mitchell right into the crushing jaws of the Angeles City criminal strongmen.

Mitchell’s actions are noble, but naïve. He’s out of his league on the rough and tumble streets of Angles City. Mitchell finds himself outnumbered and on the run. Will he be able to make it out of the Philippines, or is his nightmare just beginning?

Dreams of the Philippines is based on the true adventures of author Dave Ives. Through his writing, the memory of Clark Air Force Base and world of Angeles City comes alive.