Perception is Reality

Reader Feedback

… it’s wicked good.

… quite readable and well-written.

… it truly is absorbing and the kind of book that needs to be written about the current state of the military.

I enjoyed the book. I think it gives a good sense of the Mickey Mouse that sometimes overwhelms the important things that the military does.

My latest book, Perception is Reality: And other things I learned at Officer Training Schoolis now available on (June 2016).  Although fiction, it’s a story based on my time at Air Force Officer Training School back in early 1987.  Click the cover photo on the right to order your copy now.

From the book … “We were told early in our training a critical concept, perception is reality. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about at first but I soon caught on. I entered a new world – the OTS world … a place where perception drives reality.

We learned very well to conceal unsightly truths. The only truths allowed are those approved by the brass, the ones they feel project the right image, the right perception – or more accurately – the right deception.”