Working my BUT off! Reflections of a Property Investor.

Reader Feedback

Extremely motivating …

Dave’s “can do,” attitude is both contagious and inspiring …

Highly recommended.

This book was such an enjoyable read!!! Instead of a stats and facts investing manual, this book is a story filled with entertaining real life witty analogies. Dave has an amazing ability of simplifying the complicated with his unique down to earth writing style. The book should be a precursor to any other real estate book as well as a read for want to be investors. I’ll read it again and again!!

Easy to read and relatable. This book helped me think of different ways to approach different situations in real estate. As I look back with my 2 properties I realized through this book that there was more room for improvement. Dave’s book made me realise that there’s a way out of the same old 9 – 5 rut.

But, what if I fail?

That’s a classic “BUT” question; the kind of question that can hold you back; just the kind of question I address in my book, Working my “BUT” off! Reflections of a property investor.

I transitioned from the JOB (just-over-broke) world into the world of financial independence back in July 2009; just shortly after my 49th birthday. It took me a long time but I finally made it.

I figured there may be some folks out who would like to make the transition as well. So, I decided to share some of my stories along the way; stories about how I overcame one of my biggest obstacles – ME! You see, many times I was able to come up with ‘BUT’ questions that would stop me in my tracks – stop me from achieving my goals. I had to overcome these BUT questions and move on. I essentially had to work my BUT off in order to succeed. I had to stop the excuses and get on with the task at hand.

If you’re looking for a “How to” book … this isn’t it. There are plenty of “how to” books out there. Plenty of books to tell you just how to build a massive investment property portfolio. If all you want is the “how to” part, then get one of these books. (By the way, at the end of my book I have a recommended reading list; books that I found valuable in building my investment property portfolio.) But, if you are looking for a reason to go out and do it – the WHY? – then you may want to read my book.

So, why not grab a hot cup of coffee, get cozy and start reading how I managed to overcome a lot of “BUT” questions to reach my goal of financial independence? When you’re done reading you’ll have plenty of motivation, plenty of belief; you’ll be ready for action!