Yanks in the Outback!

Reader Feedback

Hi Dave, I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it. I suspect that option 2 was the direction in force during Gulf War-1.

Dave….received your book today and read it all in one sitting….nice job.  I’m ready for your next book!!!!

Read your book  “Yanks in the Outback”. I liked it very much!  Great job!!! Congrats!

Enjoyed your book. You saw Woomera from quite a different angle than I did.

My second book Yanks in the Outback: A story of Woomera, South Australia, the Joint Defense Facility Nurrungar (JDFN) and the First Gulf War came out in June 2015.  It’s a fictional story based on my tour of duty as a 1st Lieutenant stationed at the JDFN in the Australian outback from Feb 1990 until May 1991.

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From the Amazon.com book description, “What role did the remote satellite tracking station near Woomera South Australia play during the First Gulf War? What was it like when Aussies and Yanks lived and worked together while the Joint Defense Facility Nurrungar (JDFN) – now closed – was in operation? These questions are answered in Dave Ives’ book, “Yanks in the Outback.” Dave’s story – although fiction – is based on his experience as a young US Air Force lieutenant stationed at the JDFN from February 1990 until May 1991. Written in diary format, Dave takes us with him on his personal journey “Down Under” … how he deals with living in the remote outback, how he struggles at first with the Aussie accent, how he handles challenges as the sole military satellite systems engineer on site.

The role of the JDFN during the First Gulf War is well documented in the public literature. The fact that operators from the JDFN were detecting and reporting – in real time – SCUD missile launches in the Middle East war zone is no secret. But, Dave’s story gives us a unique perspective – an inside, emotional and personal look at life at the JDFN before, during and just after the war. And, he presents a powerful case challenging the official story about the role the JDFN played in the SCUD missile launch that hit the barrack housing US soldiers in Saudi Arabia on 26 February 1991.

Dave’s book is a historical snapshot of what life was like at the JDFN and Woomera in the early 1990s through the eyes of a young US Air Force lieutenant.”