The California solution – we ain’t paying!

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The California legislators have come up with the most elegant solution.   I call it “The California Solution.”  It’s brilliant.

Solution to what?

You see, California has a problem.  Apparently the state legislators and many of the residents are not happy with the way the federal government in Washington is spending/controlling their hard earned tax dollars.  California wants sanctuary cities, the federal government doesn’t.  The feds have come back with a threat – get rid of the sanctuary cities or we’ll cut off your funding.  California is crying foul.

Thank you California!

And this is where the elegant solution comes in.  It’s amazing.  How come it took so long for someone to think of it?

From what I’ve read, California pays the federal government more taxes than what California gets back.  So, to counter the “we’ll cut your funding” threat, California legislators have come up with a response – The California Solution – as follows:

We ain’t paying!

Instead of giving tax money to the federal government, California will just keep it.  They ain’t paying.

Brilliant!  What a great solution.  So elegant.

California figured it out.  My hat’s off to the California legislators.  You’re geniuses.

No money, no honey

After all, the name of the political and economic game is – money. Whoever has the money makes the rules. California realizes if the federal government doesn’t have money then the feds have no power. It’s the most basic economic rule – no money, no honey.

Take away the king’s money and the king goes away.

California – your next!

But, there’s a problem with the California solution … a big problem as follows:

Everybody’s watching!

Especially the California taxpayers.

And guess what California? You’re next.

When everyone sees how effective your “let’s not pay our taxes” solution works, the light bulb will come on. What happens when your state taxpayers start asking questions as follows:

  • “Gee, if our state legislators can opt-out of paying taxes to the feds, why can’t we opt-out of paying taxes to the state?”
  • “Yeah, we’re not happy with our California overlords either.  We don’t like they way they run the state; the way they waste our hard earned money.  Why should we pay for lousy government?”
  • “Let’s see, the state doesn’t agree with the feds, so they withhold tax payment.  Therefore, doesn’t it follow that if we – the California taxpayers – don’t agree with our state legislators, then we can withhold our tax payments too?”

Yes, it’ll be entertaining to watch the California taxpayers decide – all at once – to stop paying their taxes.  And the justification will be easy.  They can look their California elected officials in the eye and explain it this way, “Hey, we’re just following your lead.  You don’t like paying for crappy government, neither to we.”  If it’s good enough for the California politicians then it’s good enough for the California taxpayers – right? Right.

OK, we got it California. Thanks for showing the way. The way to throw off tyranny. The way to get rid of bad government. Hey, I agree with you, the federal government is out of control – they need to be tamed, they need to be taught a lesson.

And so do you.

Do a California

Folks, California is showing us the answer. You want to stop out of control, in-your-face, “we own you” government?

Then do a California – stop paying.

After all, when the king runs out of money, he’s not king anymore. All his henchmen are out of work. All his thugs go looking for another boss to work for. You’ll never get harassed by an IRS employee who hasn’t been paid. An unpaid IRS employee will melt away like a snowflake on a campfire.  Yes sir, when the king doesn’t pay his hired helpers they all disappear. The king is no longer king.

To the California legislators, the king is the federal government.  And apparently they don’t like the king anymore. California doesn’t want to pay tribute anymore.

California is showing us how it’s done. You don’t like what the king is doing, stop paying him.

Won’t it be great when all the other state legislators start following this latest California trend?

And won’t it be even greater when every single taxpayer in the nation invokes the “California Solution?”

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