Who’s excited about accounting?


Not me, that’s for sure!

I’m not really into accounting.  But, then again, I’m not really into a lot of things.  Just add accounting to the list.

But, accounting is different.  I’m not into it, but I feel I need to be.

Do I need to get excited about it?


But, I probably should pay attention to it.  I probably should get a better understanding of it.  I probably should get proficient in this aspect of a business person’s game.

Yes, I know bits and pieces.  I know a lot of the jargon.  I’ve gathered it third hand from other people.  People who aren’t necessarily accountants, but write about it like they are.  Write about it like they’re experts.  And, me, not knowing much about accounting, take this information in wholesale.  Without too much questioning as I don’t have the background to say, “Hey, wait a minute, that’s not right!”

So, how do I go about elevating my accounting knowledge; lifting my accounting game?

Well, let’s see … I took my first step a few days ago while in Dymocks book store.  I have a weakness for bookstores in that I seem to always come out with a book.  I can’t enter a bookstore without buying a book.  Oh well.  And, so when I left Dymocks the other day, I had a new book.

But, this wasn’t my normal purchase.  I normally, buy a history book, or a biography, or a book about property investment.  But, I broke the mold this time.  I glanced over a the front window display and it caught my eye.

The yellow and black book covers pulled me in.

It was a display of many “For Dummies” books.  There was a time when I wasn’t into the “For Dummies” books.  That was before I read a couple.  I never purchased one but I got my hands on a few and read them.  Glad I did because I discovered they’re quite handy.  Quite comprehensive and well done.  The name turned me off – “I’m no dummy!” – but the content turned me on (e.g. maybe I am a dummy?)

Anyway, the book that caught my eye the other day is titled, Accounting For Dummies.I picked up a copy and started looking through.  It didn’t take long for me to determine I needed to read this book.  I convinced myself that reading this book would be very good for my business career.  The more I know about accounting – it’s language and it’s meaning – the better off I’ll be as a business person.

I tucked the book under my arm, walked proudly to the counter and bought my first “Dummy” book.

I’ve already started reading and I’m learning a lot.  Armed with my yellow highlighter and my keen interest to learn, I’m making progress in my journey to lift my accounting game.

Are you excited about accounting?

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