Pacman Rap!

What do I know about rap music? Not much. But, when asked a few weeks ago to come up with a performance for the Philippine Independence Day celebration this June, I decided to look into this “rap” thing.  I figured it would be fun – or should I say funny – for an old man […]

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Monday Night Jam Session: Why so popular?

What:  Monday Night Jam Session Where:  Todd Tavern, Alice Springs Sponsor:  Alice Springs Desert Music Club I attended the Monday night jam session on 23 July 2012 with a mission: Discover why people – in large numbers – keep rocking up? What makes this weekly event so special? Special enough for say 100-150 people to […]

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How do you get your “creative” on in the Alice?

 “Hey, Dave, you play guitar right?”  Asked Andrew. “Yeah.”  I replied, Andrew continued, “Are you playing tonight?” “Yup.  I wrote my name up on the board.  I’m gonna do this thing.”  I said with a bit of pride in my voice. Andrew continued, “Well, I know a violin player who’s looking for a guitar player. […]

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